Genocron - The Storyteller - Delantare - Indy Christian Review



A powerful being from an alternate universe, Genocron single-handedly conquered his entire home universe and ruled it with absolute authority. When his universe was consumed by time rifts, he attempted to use the rifts to destroy and rebuild all of reality in his image. He was ultimately defeated by a team of heroes and was absorbed into the Void, the space between universes.  His body was destroyed, but his mind and soul survived in a incorporeal state.

As he drifted through the Nothingness, he discovered that he could observe every alternate universe in existence. He developed the ability to project an image of himself into a reality to allow communication with its inhabitants, but his ability to physically interact was limited.

He then discovered the universe inhabited by the Storyteller, as he came to call Zack Lawrence. When he saw Zack’s trilby regenerate, Genocron formulated a new plan: steal the regeneration power of the hat to create a new body for himself, and finally be freed from the Void. After a long struggle, Genocron was defeated by the Storyteller and trapped in a special containment device created by Mr. Researcher.  After being freed by The Potential, Genocron sought revenge against the Storyteller, killing many of the other characters in the process.  Genocron was able to spring a trap on the Storyteller, taking over the Storyteller’s body and trapping him within his own mind.  This, however, was all actually a trap set by the Potential itself, who used the circumstance to return Genocron to the confines of the Storyteller’s imagination, and sent him to a world called Delantare.

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